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JBL flip 4 product is beyond the expectation and its blows the mind. Bluetooth connectivity is Excellent. Very Beautiful design with Crystal clear surrounding Sound & Bass. More than 100+ enabled Speakers can connect with JBL connect feature. Flip 4 JBL is rough and tough build quality with Strong Bass. JBL Signature Sound with Deep loud Bass with crystal clear Vocals and Music. JBL waterproof speaker flip 4 have fully water-proof



What are the things, People like Most in JBL Speaker flip 4!

Sound Quality: Flip 4 Sound Quality is Awesome. Crystal clear surrounding Sound & Bass. Flip 4 Speaker have Crystal clear surrounding sound & Bass

Bass boosted mode: You can enable/disable the bass boosted by holding down the Bluetooth & Vol- buttons for 10s

Factory reset: Turn the device on, press and hold volume up, and play button together until the device turns off.

Up-to-date: By the JBL app, you can Update the speaker firmware to the latest version, change the device name, and change the speaker Mode to Party and Stereo.

Connectivity: JBL flip 4 Bluetooth speaker Quickly connects to devices. Up to 2 devices can connect simultaneously and you can allow one device to control Music. More than 100+ enabled Speakers can connect with JBL connect feature

Battery backups: 12 hours Battery backup is Amazing with Awesome fast charging

Plays while on charging: flip 4 Bluetooth speaker plays even while on charging

Remembering: Speaker will remember the device and automatically get connected next time you switch the speaker ON.

AI Speaker: You can convert this to Google & Siri based AI speaker

Fully Waterproof: JBL waterproof speaker flip 4 have fully water-proof


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