Frontpet Folding Dog Pool

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Frontpet bathing tub large is absolutely made for your rowdy pet that is made of very sturdy material ” Polyvinyl Chloride ” and its large area is extremely suitable for your rowdy dog. 

Very handy and easily foldable to carry anywhere with your pet. Frontpet foldable dog pool is extremely light in weight.

 There are 3 sizes Available 

  • Small:  This is best for small size single pet 

  • Large: Large is best for if your pet is rowdy and splashing water in wants to have more fun

  • Extra-large: This is built to have more fun along with your pet having wide space to play

  • Built with high-quality PVC material that is definitely durable and scratch-free
  • Very easy to use that can fold easily and you can put it in your bag to carry anywhere 
  • Draining water is very easy, just unscrew the drain and water will flow out immediately 
  • Light in weight and very handy to use anywhere 
  • Its sturdy and durable bottom prevents puncture from the surface objects and also prevents scratches when your pet is enjoying the bath

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